Microsoft Excel Consulting

Microsoft Excel is a great business tool.  It’s highly versatile and contains many built in features for user customization.  While many business professionals use Excel every day, a good portion of them aren't using the full power of the software.  Yes, it is a spreadsheet application, but it can handle tasks much more challenging than calculating a budget.

Excel Shines At:

  • Complex calculations
  • Graphing and charting data sets
  • Data analysis
  • Advanced modeling
  • Forms for data collection
  • Task automation with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
  • Integration with other business applications

No two projects are the same, each contain client specific variables which impact the project.  We scope each project in an effort to identify opportunities you might not have thought of, as well as any potential pitfalls with the concept.  This allows us to provide accurate cost estimates for your project.  Contact us for your consultation.